Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Battleground - 09/22/2012

[the show opens with a simple title card for Peach State Wrestling that fades into tonight's Battleground logo, while some free use rock music plays over it. The Battleground logo fades to a shot of the voice of Peach State Wrestling, Jaxson Hunter, standing in front of the camera. Behind him is a Peach State Wrestling backdrop]

Jaxson: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Peach State Wrestling. This is our second television episode, and let me take you back to last month's first episode, Reboot, where we crowned our brand new Peach State Champion in a one night tournament, that saw it come down to two people...Blaine Harrison and Kit Kelsey. It was truly a great contest, as these two knew each other so well, but in the end, it was a mistake that cost Kit Kelsey the match, as Blaine Harrison was able to roll him up for a three count to capture the Peach State Championship.

But the lose pushed Kit Kelsey over the edge. For months, he has been laying out conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory for every shortcoming and slight he has felt has been laid against him, but at Reboot, enough was apparently enough, because after his loss, he took the mic and quit Peach State Wrestling.

Despite his public quitting, Peach State owner, Jody Wilson, has yet to make a statement about the incident, which makes me believe that he might be trying to work things out with the very vocal superstar, but in this business, one can never tell, and forever is just a stones throw away.

But that's last month, because tonight, we see our three latest hires get to make the ultimate statement, as they got to call out their opponents, so tonight, they get to set their own bar, and we starting it with a debut, as we get to meet Camellia Daphne Magna, and she called out Kevin Fox, but seeing as how Fox refuses to step into the ring, we'll get whatever member of his organization he decides to send out.

Let's go to the ring.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dixie Leigh makes her decision

For Battleground, Jody Wilson decided to change things up in how matches are decided. Instead of choosing the matches for the show, he allowed Peach State Wrestling's newest superstars, Travis Cage, Johnny Rampage, and Camellia Daphne Magna to pick who they were going to make an impact on.

Johnny Rampage wasted no time going for the new Peach State Champion, Blaine Harrison. If he manages to beat Harrison in a non-title match in his Peach State debut, imagine what that will mean for the superstar. Travis Cage went for Johnny Royal, while Camelia Daphne Magna went for someone from Fox Industries.

However, that left one person off of Battlegrounds, Dixie Leigh, as she was left unchosen by any of the new superstars, but Jody wasn't about to let one of PSW's top superstar out of Battleground. He gave Dixie the opportunity to choose which match she's going to party crash in on, turning it into a triple threat match.

And she has.

But, she's not telling anyone which match it is yet. She's going to leave it a surprise for all the superstars to sweat on which one she will join in on. So Dixie Leigh is adding a little bit of unpredictability to Battleground, as we won't know, until her music hits, which match she will be a part of.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reboot - 08/11/2012

[the show opens with a simple title card for Peach State Wrestling that fades into tonight's Reboot logo, while some free use rock music plays over it. The Reboot logo fades to a shot of the voice of Peach State Wrestling, Jaxson Hunter, standing in front of the camera. Behind him is a Peach State Wrestling backdrop]

Jaxson: What's up everyone? My name is Jaxson Hunter and this is Peach State Wrestling's premiere show, REBOOT. For those of you who have followed us live, we appreciate everything you've done, and plan on continuing the tradition of great shows tonight. For those watching us for the first time, don't worry, because it's a great time for you to become a fan of PSW, because we will crown a brand new Peach State Champion here tonight.

[Jaxson reaches off camera and brings back the Peach State Championship belt, which is neatly folded up to expose just the large silver buckle with the gold etching.]

Jaxson: The new champion will be crowned in a one night tournament that was held at Six Flags Over Georgia. It contained so much action that we couldn't contain it in this entire show, so let's go over the first round action highlights.

[the picture fades to action inside the ring as Dixie Leigh squares off against Mighty Max, who was the representative of Fox Industries.]

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Breaking News: Peach State Changed Forever

Alright, normally when Jody tells me that he's got a big announcement, it's usually cool and all, but it's usually a let down. Sure, when he told us about our big night with FGA, then that was a huge announcement, but on the heels of announcing a tournament for our vacant Heavyweight Championship, I was like, what could he possibly have in store for us.

Well, he delivered in spades. Starting with our August show, which is appropriately being named Reboot, Peach State Wrestling will be carried on Peachtree TV, a local Georgia station out of Atlanta. We'll be joining the Atlanta Braves, the Big Bang Theory, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, and Seinfield.

Now concerning the tournament, Reboot will be held Saturday, August 11, and it will be a one night tournament, so that's more action than we've ever seen in one night, and will feature all the Peach State superstars. That means everyone has the opportunity to walk out the Peach State Champion from people that have been here the longest, Dixie Leigh and August Joyce, to the guys who just walked in the door, Hawk Boy and Travis Cage.

And let's not forget, despite the circumstances, what happened the last time someone walked right in the door at Breakaway, because it was Kit Kelsey who walked out with the championship that night, in his Peach State Wrestling debut.

The tournament brackets will come out next week, so be on the look out for that, because it should be a very interesting tournament.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

FGA & PSW presents Collision Results (Saturday, July 14, 2012)

Welcome to the Show

The show focuses at the announce desk as FGA's Kevin Clement and PSW's Jaxson Hunter sit ringside.

Kevin Clement: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome as Peach State Wrestling and Frontier Grappling Arts come together for the very first time and present Collision.

Jaxson Hunter: I am both super excited and super scared all at the same time. Is that normal?

Clement: Did you throw up before the show?

Hunter: Dry heaves mostly.

Clement: I see, then tonight should be interesting.

Hunter: To say the least.

Clement: We've got a huge show for everyone tonight. In the main event, we'll see the FGA Heavyweight Champion, Blaine Harrison, take on the former PSW Champion, Kit Kelsey, in what should be a huge match-up.

Hunter: We'll also see the PSW Tag Team Champions, The Dirty South, take on the top tag team in FGA, The Harvard Connection, in what is a true North versus South battle.

Clement: And in our undercard we'll see Sean Fallon and "The People's Choice" August Joyce and Jared James, a man on the rise once again here in FGA, taking on PSW's newest star, Hawk Boy.

Hunter: Both of those matches should be great and I can't wait to see them.

Clement: And speaking of Jared James, I understand that we have him standing by.